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Beijing travel emergency command platform will be built to improve travel safety conscious tourists

Date: 2013-08-30

In the future, the main flood season, the Golden Week, residents and visitors will be expected to receive from the Beijing Municipal Tourism Committee safety tips. Reporter yesterday from Beijing Tourism Committee was informed that this year the city will actively promote emergency command platform for the tourism industry, and strengthening the security prompt release of information.
The main flood season this summer, the Beijing suffered a heavy rainstorm disasters, many scenic therefore been a huge hit with heavy losses, and even some tourists lost their lives because of heavy rains. After the main flood season, Municipal Tourism Commission on the disaster damaged summed up the situation. On this basis, in the second half Municipal Tourism Commission will actively promote the Beijing Tourism Industry emergency command platform for the construction of the main flood season, the Golden Week and other special times, released ahead of travel safety tips, in the bus, subway and restaurants display screen, etc. circulation play travel safety videos, improving the safety of the general public and tourists traveling consciousness.
Meanwhile, the second half of the city will organize and guide star hotel, grade scenic spot to carry out fire, riot, water rescue, recreational facilities, evacuation and other emergency rescue exercises, continue to carry out safety and fire hazards investigation and remediation work safety production and fire, recreational facilities and other special inspections, inspection work, to crack down on illegal activities in tourism safety and will actively cooperate with relevant departments to carry out gas poisoning prevention, fireworks discharge, limited space, underground space and other security checks.
The heavy rainfall during disasters, in order to ensure rapid and effective response to disasters, weather, Beijing Tourism Development Committee for the first time launched a travel warning information release mechanism. Reporters learned that the travel warning information is divided into general (IV-class), heavier (Ⅲ level), severe (Ⅱ grade), particularly serious (Ⅰ level) four levels, followed by blue, yellow, orange and red for tourism warning information release. The county tourism authorities, the units and tourists can travel warning issued by the level of information were taken measures to try to minimize disaster losses.