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Increasing tourism real estate Zhangjiakou advantage is obvious

Date: 2014-12-12

Zhangjiakou with its unique predominance of convenient location and natural environment, in the aspect of developing tourism real estate is also increasingly apparent. Skiing, hot spring tourism products as well as the "ring the capital economic circle", also promote the development of the zhangjiakou tourism real estate. Investment at the same time, also in zhangjiakou tourism administration further, enrich tourism products, improve travel environment, efforts to zhangjiakou into a "winter ski paradise, tourism and leisure city". Worship ceremony depends on location and environment advantages make Oriental "davos", akagi in "mountain for bone, green for muscle, water for arteries and veins, as the soul" of the ecological concept, on the basis of strive to build the akagi into ecological livable appropriate industry "Beijing north beautiful city", Zhang Bei festivals and hot spring tourism offers fame also increased year by year.
In recent years, and all counties of zhangjiakou tourism real estate growth, Zhang Bei, selling not only the source of tourist industry development rapidly, worship ceremony location of the dominance of tourism resources also got the favour of real estate investors. As the worship ceremony winter ski to the prosperity of economy, many far-sighted real estate development enterprises have come to worship ceremony, also in the area of the east of the qingshui river, the path to ski resorts provide convenience for the holiday to skiers.