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The second half of Beijing villa price or re-climb

Date: 2013-10-16

While maintaining a high level for two months after the July Beijing villa trading volume decreased significantly. Meanwhile, in July Beijing villa market transaction price of 29,077 yuan / square meter, still in this year's high level. Industry insiders estimate that the reduction in supply, but the market demand diminished, the second half is expected to house prices overall will remain at a high level.

According to Asian high statistics show that in July Beijing villa market achieved a total turnover of 232 sets of closing an area 78,000 square meters, the ring last month decreased by 29.7%, 32.5%. Also in July to achieve turnover of the villa project has 48, compared to the previous month decreased 5. From the supply point of view, July villa market just two projects opened.

Asia Vice President Gao Shan Ho agency analysts believe that the reasons for decline in turnover is due largely to reduce the supply, and the supply fewer reasons, partly because in July to enter the year consolidation phase, the project intervention reduced the enthusiasm; partly because the government controls the pre-sale permit, only a very small amount of the same month, forensics project can succeed, thus restricting the overall villa market supply.