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Beijing Zhang Shen games to zhangjiakou tourism market of the four seasons

Date: 2014-11-22

"Since know Beijing and zhangjiakou after united's bid for the 2022 winter Olympics, we can have an idea of travelling here. A big gate, yu county castle, grassland days... we played very happy." A few days ago, come from shandong heze said tsang have the intent of the zhuhai tourism said, "" games" is the most main reason attracted him. It is understood that during the "11", to 1.01 million, the number of zhangjiakou tourism year-on-year growth of 14.01%. So far, the zhuhai tourism tourists is more than last year reception of visitors, tourism economic development again.
In recent years, with the unique ecology, resources and cultural advantages, as the leading industries of the zhuhai municipal tourism rapid development, visitors to the zhuhai tourism is growing, worship ritual HuaXueJie, Zhang Bei prairie music festival, such as yu county paper-cut section and colorful festivals has become a "tipping point" of the development of the tourism industry in our city. This year, the zhuhai tourism industry planning promotion work comprehensively, mainly launched the "zhangjiakou skiing tourism development planning", the planning is the first draft of the comment; Around early to determine "the Olympic bid to borrow, create AAAAA" work, our city actively promote AAAAA scenic spot to create work, and in accordance with the relevant standards, improve tourist facilities standards, norms of tourist facilities service level, in the city formed the major tourism huimin, help explain the strong atmosphere of the games.