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Beijing to zhangjiakou starts "the games are high iron" year opened in 2017

Date: 2015-01-18

The hebei daily reported recently, Beijing to zhangjiakou railway project has been approved by the state, across the board, about 174 km long, is expected in 2014, opened in 2017 after only 40 minutes from Beijing to zhangjiakou. Zhangjiakou into the capital one hour economy circle. Zhang Gaotie after opening, Beijing will give priority to with passenger, zhang old Beijing line still bear the local freight task.
The planned Beijing Zhang Gaotie after yanqing. Project planning according to the bid to host the 2022 winter Olympics, the ice will be held in Beijing, alpine skiing, snow machines, sled project will be held in yanqing, most of the snow event will be held in zhangjiakou. Obviously, this line taking into full consideration the needs of the three joint bidding for the Olympics.